Our Story

In a world that once used keys, then cards, then tags, chips, fingerprints… today, we use them all. The challenge is in keeping track. In this fastpaced reality, where people are coming and going faster than ever, certainly faster than you can keep track of, businesses, organizations, and
individuals, all agree on, and yearn for one thing – make it simple and secure. We need to simplify and streamline access, and finally someone has! Yabi has developed a personal, universal, and secured digital key that provides an exceptional user experience by enabling seamless access
to… well, just about anywhere. This advanced platform is leading the global mobility revolution, by making access simple and secure – for the
business, and the user. So go ahead, you can run off to your daily routine, all doors will surely open.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision– To change the way people, access private and public spaces
Mission– To enable seamless access into private and public spaces using a single, universal, secure digital key.

Our values

Humility – We always remember that we don’t know everything and remain in a constant state of asking question and actively listening to our customers.
Reliability – We stand for integrity, our commitment and our honesty to our customers.
Creativity – As Albert Einstein said, “we will not be able to solve problems using the same way of thinking we used when created them”.
Teamwork – We are all wise, we are all smart but only as a team we are all a winner.
If we can imagine it, we can do it – We believe that if we can think it, we can do it. That’s why we approach our work with passion ,perseverance and determination.