Smart Spaces
Access Management

Simplifies, streamlines, and Secures Physical
Access Using a Single Digital Key, and Turn Your
Daily Grind Into Gold.

Not the Average Access Control

Maximize Business Efficiency with Intelligent Access Management
by personalizing data and transforming it into a Strategic Tool

Simple. Flexible. Secure.


Simple to deploy, simple to use. Easily integrated with existing systems and applications, to provide a seamless and streamlined experience. On-the-fly scalable structure and endpoints


Break free from standard structures: our platform can meet your every need and fulfill your every wish. Real-time centralized management across all your sites.


Control the key and not just the access and prevent unauthorized use. Stay alerted for abnormal patterns to prevent potential access threats.

Access Made Simple

Embrace The Convenience & Security Of Smartphone Instead Of Traditional Keys

In this fast-paced reality, where people are coming and going faster than ever, certainly faster than we can keep track of, businesses, organizations, and individuals, all agree on, and yearn for one thing.

We need to simplify, secure, and streamline access.

Unlock the Full Potential of Smartphones and Ditch traditional Keys, Cards, Fobs, biometric means, etc.

Use Yabi’s mobile app our integrate our technology into your own app.

Credentials & More…

Mobile Access

Use your mobile phone to hold and manage your keys, employee card, tickets, pass approval etc. (Cross platform support, Dynamic QR and NFC)

Yabi׳s Secured Credentials

At times, it is necessary to maintain free access and yet preserve the ability to identify and engage visitors, guests, and attendees. to do so, use Yabi's secure credentials

Legacy Support

Legacy support for an easy transition to the new era. *cards, fobs, barcodes, QR etc. are supported but the security level is reduced

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Yabi Simplifies The Upgrade From Traditional Access Control To The New Era Of Access Management

Turn Your Daily Grind Into Gold

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