Step Into the Future: Access Management

Welcome to the future of access management, where our innovative ecosystem simplifies, streamlines, and secures physical access with a single digital key, endless opportunities. 

Simplifying Access: The Key to Manag a Fast-Paced World.

In a world that once used keys, then cards, then tags, chips, fingerprints… today, we use them all. The challenge is in keeping track. In this fast-paced reality, where people are coming and going faster than ever, certainly faster than you can keep track of, businesses, organizations, and individuals, all agree on, and yearn for one thing – make it simple and secure. We need to simplify and streamline access, and finally someone has!

Yabi Technologies has developed an identification and access management platform which enable a personal, universal, and secured digital key. providing an exceptional user experience by enabling seamless access to… well, just about anywhere.


In this fast-paced world, we use keys, cards, tags, chips, fingerprints, etc. However, there are too many doors to keep track of all these keys. In today’s world, where people come and go faster than ever, without the right technology, it can be next to impossible to track whether a person is approved for access and all of that without mentioning the lack of personalization and engagement.

Most modern access contrl systems fall woefully short of dealing with all the issues when it comes to approved access and authorization. These solutions are plagued by:


  • Inability to control issued keys
  • The breach behind the lack of physical identification
  • Risk of replication of tickets, profiteering, and fraud
  • Existing access methods do not guarantee 360° secure solution
  • Absence of personalization and engagement with end users
  • Missing effective data analysis solution
  • Complexity in managing and operating multiple systems
  • Inability to enforce access policies in a single step
  • Effectively communicate with the GenZ cohort


That is why Yabi Technologies offer a single, simple, and secure solution that can streamline access by providing a secured, universal digital key that offers quick and convenient access to just about anywhere without sacrificing user experience.




At Yabi Technologies, we provide a comprehensive and secure solution for managing access in today’s fast-paced world. Our innovative platform and digital key technology streamline access while maintaining security and user convenience.

Revolutionizing Access Management: Securing and Managing Digital Keys for a Secure Future.

At Yabi Technologies, we specialize in access management by developing capabilities to secure and control digital keys after the issuing process is complete. We understand the importance of access control in today’s digital age, and we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced and secure solutions available. Our platform is designed to simplify and streamline access while providing a robust and flexible security infrastructure to protect against unauthorized access. With our cutting-edge technology, you can take control of access to your resources, ensuring security, productivity, and compliance. Whether you’re a business, organization, or individual, our solution is tailored to meet your specific access management needs. Trust us to help you take the next step and elevate your access management to a new level.


People no longer walk through a door or use a key to enter – it’s all about gaining access, being able to control who has access to your space.

Yabi technologies develop A universal key to many doors for. single solution with many advantages for the business.

אפשר לדעתי להוריד את הסלייד הזה. 


At Yabi Technologies we are proud to offer a holistic ecosystem platform that allows you to manage access to your resources in a comprehensive and secure way.


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Mobile access Whether Online or offline. Quick, smooth, and secure, without worrying about communication mishaps.


Manage securely your organization's daily routine the way you wish for. Manage multi-site at one glance. Defining access according organization's policy.


Enforcement security procedures in accordance with organization's policy. Increase sense of security by restricting unauthorized use. Identify key-holder using a mobile device. Automated systems offer 24/7 protection and access.


Digitize the organization's daily routine and move forward to digital practice. Cross-platform, SaaS management and mobile support ios and android.


Collecting real-time data from diverse use cases. constant access records backup. empower the organization by analyzing. accurately collected data.


Our non-biometric physical identification solution maintains maximum user privacy (no GPS or camera data) while providing you with all the desired data.